“Final Rehearsals Before the Premiere of ‘Yugen’!” by Tomoe Miura

The brilliant green of new leaves, the gorgeous peonies & wisteria.

Kodo Village is adorned with beautiful nature, with buds blooming one after another.

We are currently deep into rehearsals for our new production, “Yugen.” It is nearly ready for the stage.

We received song instruction from Mr. Hirotada Kamei.

I was astounded by the momentum of his singing and the intense force of his voice.

It is very difficult to express an array of beautiful and courageous sentiments with only intervals and one’s voice.

However, I have learned that the Japanese sense of beauty is truly profound.

With the Hanagi-ryu dance leader, all the dancers, Tamasaburo Bando, and Kodo, there were 35 performers in all taking part in our rehearsals.

This collaboration features beautiful dance, valiant beasts, and Kodo. The group dances are really exquisite on stage.

“Yugen” offers an opportunity to see a new side of Kodo.
Personally, I am really looking forward to it.

Japanese performing arts are expressed by harnessing and combining one’s spirit and physical power.
It is a struggle to maintain the concentration required for this performance, so I am training my mind and body every day.


Tamasaburo Bando x Kodo Special Performance “Yugen” (Japan)

Update Regarding Kodo Members who Recently Returned from Touring Abroad (Current as of Mar. 25, 2020)|Kodo PR Team

March 25, 2020

Thank you for your continued support of Kodo’s activities.
We understand that many people are concerned about the Kodo members who returned from touring abroad last week, so please allow us to share an update with you all.

1. Details about Kodo members who recently returned from Europe (Kodo One Earth Tour 2020: Legacy)
・This tour commenced at the end of January and visited 9 countries before an early finale in Liverpool (UK) on March 15. As previously announced, our March performances planned for Italy, Poland, and Germany were all canceled.
・The 18 Kodo members (cast and crew) left Europe on March 17, flying out from London Heathrow International Airport (UK) to return to Japan, arriving at Narita International Airport (UK) on March 18.
・The 2 Kodo staff who traveled separately to the UK on business to attend Kodo’s London performances also left the UK on March 17 and arrived in Japan on March 18.

2. Details about one Kodo member who recently returned from North America (Chieko Kojima Solo Performance and Workshop Tour) 
From mid-February, Chieko Kojima spent approximately one month in the USA and Canada, before returning to Japan, landing at Narita International Airport on March 18.

・The Japanese Government announced on March 21 a request for people who arrived in Japan from Europe and other countries to stay at home for 2 weeks. This was 3 days after our members returned to Japan, but from the day they arrived back in Japan, all returning Kodo members and staff have been: (1) staying at home, (2) checking and reporting their temperature twice a day, and (3) keeping a record of their movements.
・Returnees who reside at Kodo Village—our base on Sado Island—have not been in contact with Kodo members and staff who weren’t on tour. They are temporarily staying 1km from Kodo Village at Fukaura Schoolhouse, where they are monitoring their health away from others.
・As of March 24, no Kodo members show any signs of being unwell.
・The returnees will continue to monitor their health and avoid any non-essential, non-urgent outings.
・Kodo members and staff who have not traveled overseas recently are also checking their temperature twice a day and looking after themselves.
・On April 1, when a full two weeks has passed since the returnees arrived in Japan, the Kodo Group plans to check every member’s condition before resuming rehearsals together.

In hopes of reducing the causes of concern to our supporters and the citizens of Sado Island, every Kodo member is taking extra care in their daily activities.

The Kodo Group will continue to put health and safety first by keeping in close contact with Sado Heath, Welfare and Environment Department and updating our measures based on the latest information.

For detailed information regarding the Kodo Group’s response to Coronavirus Disease (CVID-19), please see below.

Updated: Kodo Group Response to Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)


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