Seeking Apprentices for the Kodo Ensemble Performer Development Course

Are you ready to unleash your hidden potential? If so, then let Sado Island’s natural setting and culturally rich environment be your classroom.

Kodo Cultural Foundation’s Apprentice Centre aims to pass “new traditions” on to the next generation. The Kodo Apprentice Programme brings young people from far and wide to Sado Island to learn through a broad range of hands-on experiences that are connected to nature and culture. The two-year apprenticeship begins with learning the fundamentals of traditional Japanese culture, allowing the apprentices to form a solid base for artistic expression. In their second year, Kodo apprentices further develop their practical skills through training and activities with Kodo.

After successfully completing their studies at Kodo Apprentice Centre, apprentices may be selected to become junior members of Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble for one year, during which they train and perform as probationary members of Kodo. At the end of this trial year, junior members who pass a final selection stage are invited to become fully-fledged Kodo performers.

*Please note that all apprentices require advanced Japanese-language skills.

Please visit the page below for further details.

Application Procedure | Kodo Apprentice Centre Performer Development Course