Perhaps there is a dormant voice inside of you that you haven’t heard yet– one that you haven’t had a chance to ‘meet’. Yoko Fujimoto’s ‘Voice Circle’ workshop is a return to the voice in its most primal form, and the introduction of that voice to song.

The goals of the Voice Circle are:

  • To go beyond the idea of being “good” or “bad” at singing, and return to the idea of singing for the simple joy of it.
  • To rediscover yourself through your voice.
  • To create a space that reflects the energies of each participant. It is Yoko’s hope that this experience is one that leads to rediscovery within the self, and one that you can share with others.
  • To relax and take an edge off the stresses of everyday life through releasing your voice. To stimulate the body through exercises which use muscles you may have forgotten you have!
  • To create an exchange of energy in the workshop that will hopefully change you in some fundamental way, so that you may take a part of it with you into the next day and beyond.

Upcoming Workshop Details

*There are presently no scheduled Kodo Juku Voice Circle workshops.


“Yoko Fujimoto’s Voice Circle”

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