For 5 ways to support Kodo, please see below. Thank you in advance for helping us continue our mission.

① Offer One Earth Tour Support
② Attend Kodo performances
③ Buy Kodo merchandise and instruments
④ Buy or stream Kodo’s digital music
⑤ Show your support on social media

Greeting from Kodo Ensemble Leader Yuichiro Funabashi

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you all for your ongoing support of the Kodo Group.

Every day, we see news of natural disasters, conflicts, and infectious diseases. These crises have completely changed the daily lives of people living in those areas. Our main activities center around creating and sharing performances, traveling the world with taiko. But these days, many aspects of our work are no longer easy, or even possible, due to the global impact of these crisis situations.

Since ancient times, drums—taiko–of some kind have been a part of life for most of humanity. Throughout our travels, we notice that when people come together and play drums, it creates an uplifting experience for all, regardless of differences in culture, language, age, and gender. The beats resonate within us and connect us on a primitive level. With everything that is going on in the world, taiko has a lot of potential to make a positive difference.

Taiko playing is physical and the sound we conjure is visceral. Nothing beats sharing and experiencing the sound of taiko live. We will continue exploring the possibilities of taiko as we share its resonant sound, connecting people through our performances.

Your appreciation for our work and your generous support greatly help us to continue our mission. I kindly ask for your ongoing support and encouragement.





Yuichiro Funabashi
Leader, Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble


Offer One Earth Tour Support

If you are able to make a donation to help us continue our mission, we will gratefully accept any amount you can spare.
This will help us to continue our ongoing One Earth Tour, so we can keep connecting people all over the world with the sound of taiko.

[Donation Methods]

A. Credit Card
Choose your preferred option from the three types below: 


B. PayPal or Bank Transfer
1. Fill out the Kodo Donation Details Request form.
2. Receive an auto-reply with links to make one-off, monthly, or annual contributions by PayPal, and our bank account details.

Donation Tax Benefit (Deduction) for Donors in Japan

If you live in Japan, you can receive a tax deduction for up to 40% of your donation.

Individuals can receive a tax refund when they include the donation in their income tax return.
(Total donation amount – 2,000 yen) x 40% = Individual donation tax credit amount
Please see here for further details. (Available in Japanese only)

Kodo Website Donor Listing

With permission, we will list the names of donors of 500 yen or more on our website, on a page dedicated to thanking our supporters.

2021-2022 page
2020 page

② Attend Kodo performances

Every time you attend a Kodo performance, you not only support our activities, you really encourage us to keep going.
See our website for current and upcoming performances.

Kodo Performances

③ Buy Kodo merchandise and instruments

Purchasing merchandise and instruments directly from Kodo provides us with a great deal of support.
Our English store has a limited lineup, but you are welcome to order anything* you see on our Japanese store site by emailing us in English.

Kodo Online Store in English

*Certain items, such as bamboo flutes, cannot be shipped overseas.
*Due to flight reductions and border restrictions, we can only ship within Japan and to certain countries overseas until further notice.
*Shipping delays of two weeks or more for international orders are expected at this time.

④ Buy or stream Kodo’s digital music

You can support Kodo by enjoying our digital albums.


Kodo “Kizashi”







⑤ Show your support on social media

You can cheer us on by following, liking, and sharing our posts on social media and YouTube. We really appreciate your comments and feedback, too!

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