The Spirit of Kodo Through Online Learning

Next Intake: For Cohort 1—Individual Course (Nov. 2021–Mar. 2022)

Take online group lessons taught by Kodo members.
Forty years on from its debut in 1981, Kodo launched this programme in 2021 as a way to thoroughly share the spirit, physique, and technique that the ensemble has cultivated to date.

 Form a team with taiko friends from around the world through group lessons with a small class. 
Watch the YouTube lesson archives as many times as you like during the course.
Submit video tasks to receive feedback from the instructors.
See updates about lessons and talk with fellow participants, instructors, and staff in a class chat forum online.
Get together to play taiko on Sado Island at a taiko camp held during the course.

Opening the Doors to Kodo Taiko School

Message from Atsushi Sugano,
Managing Director, Kodo Cultural Foundation


Better Together

Message from Yoshie Abe
Kodo Performer
Kodo Taiko School Instructor Team Leader


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