Kodo Juku

Always with a smiling face and teeming with exuberance, everyone knows when Eiichi Saito is on stage. Bringing that same infectious energy to his workshops, Saito’s Kodo Juku taiko workshops have come to be the crux of his life’s work.
Kodo Juku is held annually at Kodo Apprentice Centre on Sado Island, where most of Kodo’s current stage members spent two years training before their selection to join the ensemble. Come along to get back to basics, play taiko all day long as you experience the daily life of a Kodo apprentice on beautiful Sado Island. Kodo Juku promises to be a short respite from the daily grind where you’ll meet new people and experience the joy of truly playing in unison. You’ll also get to know the Kodo’s next-generation hopefuls: the second-year apprentices, who will act as staff at the event. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience limited to first-time participants only. We hope you’ll come along!

Note: This workshop is conducted in Japanese only.