EXADON 2014 Supporter Training Course (Oct.–Dec. 2014)

Sado Island Taiko Centre hosted a course for Sado Island residents to learn about playing taiko as a way to prevent dementia. The course featured lectures coupled with practical skill sessions led by Shinichi Sogo, a.k.a. Shinchan-sensei. A report including photographs is available on the Sado City website.

Sado City Website | EXADON 2014 Supporter Training Course: Report on Sessions 3 & 4 (in Japanese)

Kodo Cultural Foundation Becomes a Public Interest Corporation (November 2011)

Recently the Kodo Cultural Foundation was authorized by Niigata Prefecture as a Public Interest Corporation and its registration on November 1, 2011, marked the beginning of a new era.

Kodo Cultural Foundation Becomes a Public Interest Corporation

Publication of Kodo 30th Anniversary Commemorative Book (June 2011)

To commemorate Kodo’s 30th anniversary, the ensemble’s activities were collated to form a book called “Inochi Moyashite, Tatakeyo. – 30 Years of Kodo –.” Starting with an overview of the group’s origin and history, this definitive publication offers unprecedented insights into the world of Kodo, from the ensemble’s evolving stage expression to the member’s daily lives and personal experiences.

This book is available through the Kodo Online Store and at major booksellers nationwide.
(Production: Kodo Cultural Foundation / Publication: Shuppan Bunka Sha Corporation)

Kodo 30th Anniversary Publication

Note: This book contains Japanese text only with no English translation.

Earth Celebration Wins the “Furusato Event First Prize” (March 2008)

The Japan Center for Regional Development presented Earth Celebration with the “Furusato Event First Prize” in recognition of the festival’s important contribution to introducing Sado Island to the entire nation.

Earth Celebration Wins the “Furusato Event First Prize”