This is a duo project by Yoshikazu Fujimoto & Yoko Fujimoto. “Ninin-Angya” means “a duo’s pilgrimage.”

Yoshikazu and Yoko met four decades ago as members of Kodo’s antecedent group, Sado no Kuni Ondekoza, and they have been married for over three decades. They have encountered many sounds and songs on Sado Island, on their travels, and throughout their years with Kodo. Thanks to their personal journeys as performers, coupled with their shared life experience, they create unique energy and feel-good sound whenever they perform together.

Their performances feature Sado Island folk songs, stories told through song, tunes from around Japan, and of course, taiko. As they share music and their love for the arts, they weave tales of their various experiences to date into the programme, which creates a warm, engaging performance every time.

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