Tour – Kodo One Earth Tour North America performances of “Mystery,” Japan performances of “Eternity” and “Chaos.” Performances of Kodo “DADAN” in Tokyo & Hong Kong. “Kodo Special Performances on Sado Island” in Japan. Encore season of “Amaterasu.” Premiere of “Kodo Special Performance: Michi.” Appeared in “Kaguyahime: The Moon Princess” with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal, Canada. First “School Workshop Performances” abroad in Canada. Concerts and exchange through “Project Connect Asia with Traditional Performing Arts” in Bali, Indonesia. Tunable okedo daiko (barrel drum) designed by Masayuki Sakamoto, “Kanade,” received a 2015 Good Design Award.
Tour – Kodo One Earth Tour Europe performances of “Legend,” Japan performances of “Mystery” and “Eternity.” Kodo “DADAN” performances in France & Spain. “Kodo Special Performances on Sado Island” in Japan. Hanayui Hawaii Tour. Opening of Fukaura Gakusha (Fukaura Schoolhouse). Kodo Cultural Foundation “Community Development Course” commenced with a trial trainee intake. “EXADON” initiative launched to offer taiko on Sado Island as exercise to prevent dementia. “Legend” DVD and “Mystery” album released.
Tour – USA and Japan for “Kodo One Earth Tour: Legend.” First performance series at Asakusa Public Hall. Sold out all 67 performances of “Amaterasu” in Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Kyoto. Appeared in ballet performance “Kaguyahime” at Opéra National de Paris’ Palais Garnier. Appeared in “Tamasaburo Bando Special Performances” at the Old Konpira Oshibai Kabuki Theater (Kanamaru-za). Held “Kodo Special Performances on Sado Island.” Debut performances of “Kodo One Earth Tour: Mystery.” Participated in recording of Fuyumi Sakamoto’s “Otoko no Himatsuri.” Yoshikazu Fujimoto and Chieko Kojima sent abroad as “Japan Cultural Envoys from the Agency for Cultural Affairs.”
Tour – Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium for “Kodo 30th Anniversary One Earth Tour” performances, Japan for new production “Kodo One Earth Tour 2012: Legend.” Invited Tamasaburo Bando to become artistic director. First performances abroad of Kodo “Dadan” at Paris’ Théâtre du Châtelet, France. Held “Kodo Special Performances on Sado Island.” Appeared in “Kodo & TaikOz in Concert” collaboration tour in Australia. Appeared in “Kaguyahime: The Moon Princess” with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal, Canada. Appeared in “Hanayui USA Tour.” Founding members of Kodo become “Distinguished Members.”
Tour – USA, Canada, and Japan for “Kodo 30th Anniversary One Earth Tour.” Released Kodo 30th Anniversary Special Album “Akatsuki.” Appearance in Hibiki no Mori Bunkyo Civic Hall 10th Anniversary Fumi no Miyako Special Performance “Tokyo Philharmonic x Kodo.” Appearance in Taro Okamoto 100th Birthday Event. Featured in WOWOW Special Program “Blue Man x Kodo – BLUE MAN MEETS WADAIKO!” Appearance in the Royal Variety Performance 2011. Awarded a Community Contribution Award by the Ogi Chamber of Commerce, Sado Island. Kodo Cultural Foundation became a Public Interest Corporation.
Tour – Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Germany, UK, Ireland, Russia, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, Japan. Appeared in “Kaguyahime” at the Opéra national de Paris. Encore performances of Kodo “Ubusuna” and Kodo “Dadan.” Collaborations with Corsican vocal group A Filetta on Sado Island and in Corsica, France. Release of DVD Kodo “Dadan.”
Tour- Canada, USA, Italy, Croatia, UK, Greece, Turkey, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan. Performances of “Monoprism” in Italy with the Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia. Collaboration performances with taiko ensemble TaikOz in Australia. Kodo “Dadan” performances directed by Tamasaburo Bando and Kodo “Ubusuna” performances held in Japan.
Tour- UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Japan. South American tour held in honor of the centennial celebration of Japanese Immigration to Brazil and Argentina. Performance of “Monoprism” at “Kodo December Concert” with the New Japan Philharmonic.
Tour- USA, Canada, Japan. Earth Celebration 20th Anniversary. The “Amaterasu” project with Tamasaburo Bando performed at the historical Kabuki-za theater in Tokyo. “Horaii-kitan” collaboration with Kyogen performers. Kodo Cultural Foundation entrusted with the management of the Sado Island Taiko Centre.
Tour – Belgium, UK, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Japan. “Amaterasu”- collaborative performance series with Tamasaburo Bando in Tokyo and Kyoto (including first apperance at Kyoto’s Minami-za Kabuki Theater). Performance at Fuji Rock Festival in Niigata, Japan. Release of Kodo 25th Anniversary CD “Heartbeat” on Sony Records.
Tour – USA, Canada, Japan (including first appearance at National Theatre Okinawa with Ryukyuan classical dancer Takako Sato). Release of CD “Prism Rhythm” on Sony Records.
Tour – UK, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy (including first appearance at Teatro San Carlo de Napoli), Switzerland (first appearance at Kultur Kongresszentrum in Luzern and sold out 5 day concert) and Japan. Release of CD and DVD “One Earth Tour Special” on Sony Records.
Tours – USA, Japan First workshop tour presented by Kodo Arts Sphere America (KASA) in North America.Kodo Cultural Foundation sponsors “Earth Furniture”, a project designed to use regional materials in a self-sustaining local industry.
First book by “Kodo Books”, “The Tub Boats of Sado Island, A Japanese Craftsman’s Methods” published.
“The Kodo One Earth Tour Special”, directed by Tamasaburo Bando makes a 25-show run in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Niigata and Sado.
Tours – USA, Japan Establishment of “Kodo Arts Sphere America” (KASA) in North America. Appearance in FIFA World Cup™ Korea/Japan live events (First-match cultural event, official concert, championship game festivities).
Participation in Chinese motion picture “HERO” soundtrack (Music composed by Tan Dun).
Release of CD- FIFA 2002 World Cup™ Official Anthem
Tour – USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Japan
Nobel Peace Prize 100th Anniversary Concert (Dec. 11)
Tour – USA, Canada, Korea, China, UK, Netherland, Belgium, Germany (Berlin Philharmonie Hall), Switzerland, Italy, Japan
Tour – USA, Japan
First Koryu Gakko Koen Tour
Tour – Switzerland, France (sold-out 5-day concert at Theatre de la Ville in Paris), Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Britain (1st Royal Festival Hall appearance sold-out 5-day concert), Japan.
Tour – America and Canada incl. 2-day concert at Carnegie Hall, Japan. Release of CD “Ibuki.” Establishment of Kodo Cultural Foundation. Earth Celebration 10th Anniversary.
Tour – Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Britain (incl. two weeks sold-out Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London), Israel (sold-out performances in Tel Aviv, Emek, Jerusalem), Japan.
Tour – America incl. sold-out 1st Carnegie Hall appearance, Belgium, France (1st Theatre de la Ville appearance – sold out 5-day concert), Switzerland, Italy, Greece (The Odeon of Herodes Attikus at Acropolis – sold out 2-day concert with 9000 audience), Japan.
Tour – America, Japan. “Kodo” receives the MIDEM Music Video (Long Form) Award at the 3rd International Visual Music Festival in Cannes. Japanese Foreign Ministry award for contribution to exports through Earth Celebration and overseas tours.
Tour – America, Canada, Portugal (Mitsui sponsored “Close-up of Japan” festival), Britain (incl. two weeks sold-out Sadler’s Wells, London), Taiwan, Japan.
Tour – America, Canada, Germany (Mitsui sponsored “Close-up of Japan” festival), Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Japan.
Tour – America, Canada, Japan.  Special small group “Kodo San’nin Gurui” performs in Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal.  Kodo Juku drum workshops held in Northern Ireland as part of UK “Japan Festival”. 1st annual “Gathering” 3-day concert series Orchard Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo.
Tour – America (incl. one week sold-out New York City Center), France, Britain (incl. two weeks sold-out Sadler’s Wells, London), Japan. CD “Irodori” receives Gold Disc Award for Japanese classical music.
Tour – America, Canada, West Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Japan. First “Kodo Juku” drum workshop.
Tour – America (incl. one week sold-out New York City Center), Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, Brazil (80th anniversary of Japanese immigration), Colombia, Japan, Australia (200th anniversary celebrations). Opening of Kodo Village. 1st annual “Earth Celebration” international arts festival on Sado Island.
Tour – America , Canada, Britain (incl. two weeks sold-out Sadler’s Wells, London), France, West Germany, East Germany (Berlin 750th anniversary at Berlin Philharmony Hall ), Holland, Japan.
Tour – Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkey, (“Japan Week” festival), Indonesia (Bali Arts Festival), Malaysia, Japan.
Tour – America (incl.Kennedy Center etc.), Canada, Britain (incl. Edinburgh Festival), Holland, Italy, Switzerland, France, Japan.
Tour – Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Italy, France, Switzerland, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, West Germany, Holland, America. Sold-out performances at Los Angeles Olympics Arts Festival.
Tour – Japan.
Tour – America (incl. Lincoln center etc.), Canada, Mexico, Japan.
Formation of “Kodo”.  Debut at ’81 Berlin Festival.  Tour – Italy, San Marino, West Germany, Japan.
1971 to 1981
Kodo’s antecedant group ‘Sado no Kuni Ondekoza’ active on Sado Island.