We’d like to make it easier for people to play our music.
Anyone, anywhere, any time.

Introducing Kodo One Earth Music

Kodo One Earth Music compositions are:

    • original pieces composed by Kodo, created to attract more people to taiko performing arts.
    • musical scores people can play as practice pieces or perform at concerts or recitals without incurring royalty fees.
    • shared in an easy-to-learn format with videos by Kodo, showing the whole piece and individual parts, as well as downloadable sheet music.

If you’d like to play Kodo One Earth Music, please follow the simple guidelines (terms of use) outlined below.

The first Kodo One Earth Music release is “Shunpuu” (Composed by Kodo, 2019).
*Note: Shunpuu means “spring breeze.”

Kodo One Earth Music Usage Guidelines

Before you play Kodo One Earth Music, please read and follow the guidelines below.

:チェックマーク_緑: Feel free to:

  • take videos and photos when you practice/perform this music.
  • share your practice/performance videos and photos online via social media or video sharing sites.
  • include this music in a program comprised of multiple pieces for a free or paid performance
    *Please credit the piece as “Shunpuu,” composed by Kodo in writing or verbally at the performance.
  • download the musical score from this website and duplicate it.
  • change the instrument formation to suit the group who plays it.
  • arrange the piece in ways that maintain the integrity of the original: e.g. by changing the number of times a phrase is played, solo parts, the rhythm, etc., to suit the level of the group performing it.
  • alter the musical score to reflect the permitted arrangements listed above, and duplicate the arranged score.
  • use a recording of your own performance of the music as background music for a video you film for online use.

:バツ: Please do not:

  • change the title
  • make or perform arrangements that do not maintain the original integrity of the piece, or alter the score to reflect such arrangements.
  • perform Kodo One Earth Music at a paid performance or recital comprising only of Kodo pieces.
  • edit or reuse/repurpose the audio or video recordings of Kodo One Earth Music shared on this webpage.

We would love to share videos of people around the world playing One Earth Music with our followers on social media.

Please share your videos with these hashtags: #kodoshunpuu #oneearthmusic
And tag us: @kodoheartbeat

We can’t wait to watch you play “Shunpuu”!

Before you download the score, please read the Kodo One Earth Music Terms of Use. (Japanese available here, English coming mid-August.)

If you’re not sure about something in the guidelines, or you would like to discuss an arrangement with us, please contact us by email.

*Please note that we cannot answer questions about Terms of Use in English until the official English version is ready. Thank you for your patience.

“Shunpuu” Kodo Performance Video

We have filmed a full performance video and a video showing all the separate parts.
You’ll also find videos focusing on different parts below.

The performances in these videos show one suggestion for instruments you could use to play Shunpuu.
As stated in the guidelines above, feel free to arrange the pieces to suit the number of performers and the instruments available in your group.

Shunpuu” Individual Part Videos

These video resources will help you learn each part.

[Shunpuu]  Ohira-daiko (Hirado-daiko) and shime-daiko https://youtu.be/gyFiQIuZdwA
[Shunpuu] Shinobue (bamboo flute) https://youtu.be/AfKe7fZJi_U
[Shunpuu] Nagado-daiko (Miya-daiko) https://youtu.be/RNIPtl6rsWE
[Shunpuu] Katsugi Okedo (barrel drum with shoulder strap) and Jangara (cymbals) https://youtu.be/SsAgjwaF8BY

Downloadable Sheet Music

Before you download the sheet music, we kindly ask that you agree to the terms of use (Japanese available here, English coming soon) for the composition and send us your contact details via the online form provided.

Note: The sheet music for “Shunpuu” was amended on July 23. If you downloaded it before or on this date, please discard the sheet music and download the updated version.

Kodo One Earth Music Terms of Use

Japanese version is available here.
English version will be available from mid-August.

Message from Shunpuu Composer Yuta Sumiyoshi

English coming soon.
闘志いだきて 丘に立つ  高浜虚子


Photo: Takashi Okamoto



太鼓芸能集団 鼓童 住吉 佑太

Inquiries about Kodo One Earth Music

If you have any questions about this project, please contact us by email.
*Please note that we cannot answer questions about Terms of Use in English until the official English version is ready in mid-August. Thank you for your patience.


Header Photo: Members of Shido, Mihara-shichi Elementary School (Awaji Island, Hyogo), performing with Kodo.