“Ready for the 2018 ‘Michi’ Japan Tour” by Naomi Iseki

June 8, 2018Photo: Erika Ueda
Photo: Erika Ueda
Today we had our dress rehearsal at Kyoto-fu Chutan Bunka Kaikan in Ayabe, Kyoto. We have been working tirelessly to create and rehearse this programme and now it’s time to share it with audiences all over Japan. See you at a theater near you!

Kodo Special Concert 2018 “Michi” Japan Tour

“An Encore Performance with Bac Ha” by Atsushi Sugano

At Earth Celebration 2016, Kodo collaborated for the first time with Bac Ha, a traditional music ensemble from Vietnam. This week, Bac Ha is coming back to Japan for the first time in two years to collaborate with Kodo again.

Photo: Atsushi SuganoThe 2018 collaboration will be directed by Yuta Sumiyoshi, shown here during his first-ever visit to Hanoi in December last year. He got a taste of Vietnam and enjoyed rehearsals and exchange throughout his immersive stay.

Photo: Atsushi Sugano

Photo: Atsushi SuganoIt is such a pleasure for Kodo to introduce the artists we meet on our travels to audiences in Japan. Bac Ha arrives in Japan today and after rehearsals at Kodo Village this week, Kodo will give a performance with them in Niigata City on May 26.

We hope to see you there!

May 26 (Sat), 2018 Kodo Select Ensemble Appearance at “Earth Celebration Collaboration: Kodo & Bac Ha” –NST 50th, Ryutopia 20th, & Japan-Vietnam Diplomatic Relations 45th Anniversary Commemorative Event (Niigata City)


“Europe Evolution Tour Finale!” by Mio Teycheney-Takashiro

Apr. 2, 2018

After nine weeks on the road with “Evolution” throughout Europe, we held our tour finale in Moscow, Russia.

Photo: Mio Teycheney-TakashiroWe were so happy to end the tour with an audience of over 2,500 people enthusiastically yelling “Bravo!” after our performance. Thank you very much to everyone who came to see our performances in Europe over the past two months. See you all again in two years, if not before!

Photos courtesy of Mio Teycheney-Takashiro, Production Manager


Tamasaburo Bando


“Kodo One Earth Tour 2018: Evolution” Europe Tour

“Apprentice Interactive Performance at Sado Special Support School” by Masami Miyazaki

Kodo apprentices are even busier than usual in the fall. Alongside their usual training, they have to harvest their rice crop, pick persimmons and ship them to Kodo supporters, take part in local festivals, staff the annual live-in workshop “Kodo Juku,” and present Interactive Performances. This year the apprentices gave five of these performances at schools on Sado Island. Today, I would like to tell you about the rather unique “Exchange Concert” they gave at Sado Special Support School on Sep. 28.

For this performance, the apprentices designed a workshop segment to let the students have some fun making music with them. When they started planning this part at the Apprentice Centre, the apprentices split into two groups and talked about their strategies, figuring out which instruments to use and how to go about using their time.

They raised concerns about problem areas and rethought and reworked their concepts over and over again. Then, at last, the content of the workshop started to take shape.

On the day of the concert, the students and apprentices all enjoyed performing together.

In the classrooms, the students performed for the apprentices and everyone got to know each other through self introductions and by spending time chatting together.

The Apprentice Interactive Performances are a valuable opportunity for the Kodo apprentices to perform in front of an audience during their training. They are a good chance for the apprentices to thoroughly consider what it means to appear on a stage, what they need to do to convey their sound and feelings, and what they want to express when they perform.

We are currently accepting applications for the Kodo Apprentice Centre 2018 intake.
Applications close on Nov. 10, 2017.
See here for details: https://www.kodo.or.jp/en/apr_en

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