Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble Member Training Course
2020 (39th Intake) Application Procedure

Applications for the 2020 intake have closed.

Please use the information below as a guide for the 2021 application procedure.

Apprentice Programme Dates:

Apr. 2020–Jan. 2022 (22-month course)

Training & Lodging Facility:

Kodo Apprentice Centre (Kakinoura, Sado Is., Niigata)

Apprenticeship Requirements

    You can apply if you:
  • wish to become a member of Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble, and
  • are a healthy person aged 18–25 (as of Apr. 1, 2020), who is physically & mentally fit enough to undertake both the apprenticeship training and communal lifestyle, and
  • have advanced Japanese language skills, which are required to participate in training and lectures.

Please note that any individual who meets the above criteria is welcome to apply, regardless of their gender, experience, education, or nationality.

Process from Application to Becoming an Apprentice

  • Apply for an interview using via this online form. (Deadline: Oct. 10, 2019)
  • Receive reply email with link to the application documents you need to submit. (Some documents must be submitted by postal mail)
  • Submit two essays in Japanese (approx. 400 characters in length)
    1) What you hope to learn at Kodo Apprentice Centre
    2) What you will aim for on the Kodo stage
  • Submit a statement of health from a physician and two photos (face, full-length) by postal mail.
  • Wait for results of interviewee selection based on application forms (announced late Nov. 2019)
  • If selected, attend practical interview (held over a two-day/one-night period on Jan. 12–13, 2020), then wait for results of interview (announced late Jan. 2020)
  • If you pass the interview stage, you will be asked to submit further documents and to pay apprenticeship fees (for first half of first year: 730,000 yen)
    [Apprenticeship Fee breakdown] Admission fee 100,000 yen, Facilities/Materials 150,000 yen, Board 180,000 yen, Instruction Fee 300,000 yen
    *Board includes meals and lodging.
  • Enter Kodo Apprentice Centre (April 2020)

Applicants who reside outside Japan will generally receive result notifications by email during the application process.

Apprentice Centre Trial Visits

Trial visits can be arranged for future applicants. You can ask to schedule one by contacting Kodo Apprentice Centre. Details of a standard trial stay are listed below.

Apprentice Centre Trial Visit (Standard trial is two days & one night)

[Day 1]
PM: Arrive at Apprentice Centre.
Observation of apprentice practice and tour of facilities, meal duty experience, explanation of apprenticeship, observation of individual practice, talk to apprentices, stay overnight at Centre. (Go to sleep at 22:00)
[Day 2]
AM: Get up at 5:00.
Morning training experience, Apprentice Centre cleaning, agricultural work hands-on experience, observation of practice.
Depart from Apprentice Centre around noon.
Day visits with no stay are also possible. (Observation and experience contents will be adjusted to suit your timeframe.) Please note that a fee of 3,000 yen will be charged for Trial Visits.


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Kodo Cultural Foundation

Attention: Yasuhiko Ishihara, Yasuko Honma

Kodo Village, 148-1 Ogi Kanetashinden, Sado, Niigata 952-0611, Japan
Tel. 0259-81-4100 (Add +81 from outside Japan, 9:30–17:00 [JST/GMT +9], closed Saturdays and Sundays.)
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