Ryotaro Leo IKENAGA

Ryotaro Leo IKENAGA
Ryotaro Leo IKENAGA
Date of Birth:
Nov. 1, 1990
Michigan, USA


Ryotaro Leo Ikenaga began playing taiko during his first year at university when he joined a collegiate taiko group. He entered the Kodo Apprentice Centre in 2013 and became a Kodo member in 2016. On stage, Ikenaga is mainly featured on taiko drums and bamboo flutes. In 2015, he toured throughout Japan with the “Eternity” & “Chaos” productions and appeared in the “DADAN” Asakusa Performances. In “Chaos,” he was also featured playing the Western concert flute. In 2016, Ikenaga toured in Brazil with “DADAN” and in Japan with “Kodo One Earth Tour: Spiral.” Clear-headed and full of curiosity, Ikenaga is adept at playing melodic instruments and also enjoys creating new compositions.

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