My Kodo Discography Pick 15 | Jun Jidai: Eternity (Blu-ray/DVD)

Jun Jidai

My recommendation is… TA-DA!!!

“Eternity” on DVD/Blu-ray!

“Eternity” was released in 2014 and it’s one of our works that was directed by Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando.
This DVD is a memento of when I was young and headstrong (I’m still young at heart), with no idea what I was doing (lol).

The scenery depiction in this production is really beautiful.

“From the still of a starry night to the thunderous roar of a raging sea, an array of phenomena weave together to conjure an infinite realm.”

We used over fifty different types of instrument, mainly taiko, to express this grand theme.

This production is also a visual feast, with contemporary dancing, which is rare for Kodo. It’s a different side of Kodo.
A visual Kodo!!!

Available on both DVD and Blu-ray.
I hope this production brightens up your time at home!!!


DVD / Blu-ray | Eternity

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“School Performances in North America During the ‘Evolution’ Tour” by Jun Jidai

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

After our opening night in Las Vegas, we had back-to-back performances for three days in Berkeley, California.

On the first two days, we performed “Evolution.” Then on Day 3, we changed into our indigo-blue Kodo costumes and gave a completely different performance at the same theater: a program especially for school children.

The audience was made up of almost 2000 students from local schools, elementary through high school. Eight cast members from “Evolution” delivered this school performance: Kengo Watanabe, Ryoma Tsurumi, Tomoe Miura, Issei Kohira, Yuta Kimura, Chihiro Watanabe, Taiyo Onoda, and I.

It was a really exciting experience for only eight of us to give a performance in such a massive hall!

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

During our school performances, we take turns speaking to the audience during the program. Because we’re in the USA, that meant whenever we were the MC, we had to speak in English. We all had the extra challenge of giving our self introductions in English, too.

It’s my first time giving School Performances overseas. My goal is to communicate with our audiences through taiko, fostering meaningful exchange beyond language and culture.

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

We also have School Performances in Hanover, Amherst, Burlington during this tour. We’ll give our all to this challenge alongside our theater performances.

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

“Kodo One Earth Tour 2019: Evolution” North America Tour


“What’s on the Menu at Kodo Village this Month?” by Mari Takatsu

A Glimpse at the Kodo Village November 2018 Menu

Winter is on its way and the autumn leaves on Sado Island won’t be around for much longer.

When I see the mark for snow show up on the weekend weather forecast, I know it’s time to brace ourselves for another long, cold winter.

It’s easy to get sick now the temperature is much lower in the mornings and evenings, so it’s a good time to actively increase your intake of probiotic lactic-acid bacilli and get your gut microbiome in order!
So, on the menu this month at Kodo Village we’ve had:

Photo: Mari Takatsu

*Grilled Fish (Saury)
Saury (sanma in Japanese) is an exemplary bluefish. Blue fish oil lowers cholesterol.

*Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria-Packed Soup
This soup has soy milk, kimchi, and miso in it. Kimchi contains plant lactic acid bacteria, which regulates the intestines. The pungent component of kimchi increases your metabolism and disintegrates fat.

*Sweet Potato Salad
We use yoghurt as a dressing. Yoghurt makes good bacteria activate, so it helps prevent constipation. Walnuts bring an enjoyable crunch element to the dish.

Photo: Mari Takatsu

Kodo Menu Supervisor: Mari Takatsu

“Like the Ever-Changing Sky – EC 2018” by Jun Jidai

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

Just like that, EC 2018 is over.
Thank you so much to everyone who came along.
I hope you had a safe journey home and took great memories of your time on Sado with you.

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

Over the three days of the festival, we performed in different places and with a wide range of expressions.

Everything we showed was us, true to life.

Faces and voices we don’t usually show on stage.
And new flavors.

I hope you were able to experience different sides of Kodo at EC.

Photo: Jun JidaiEvery time you look at the sky, it’s different.
In the same way, we change all the time, too.

Photo: Jun Jidai

Kodo may go from one extreme to the other, but it’s all with our audience in mind.
Thanks for your continued support!

Photo: Maiko Miyagawa

Before I show my face on stage again, I’m going to take a good rest after EC!

See you in Tokyo at Kabukiza Theater this September! I’ll be there for “Yugen” from Sep. 2 through 26.

Kodo Appearance in New Kabuki Production “Yugen” at Kabukiza Theatre September Kabuki Performances [Evening Show] (Chuo Ward, Tokyo)

“Getting Ready for Our ‘EC 30th Anniversary Celebration Concert'” by Jun Jidai

Hi, everyone! It’s Jun Jidai.
How are you doing?

Earth Celebration 2017 is just around the corner! Chihiro Watanabe and I will be the MCs at the “EC 30th Anniversary Celebration Concert” on Aug. 20, the final day of EC. We don’t usually chat with the audience when we appear on stage with Kodo, but we will do our very best to entertain everyone with our banter at this outdoor performance!

Also…guess what! All the members of Kodo are going to appear on stage during this performance! That is so rare, believe me!

The cast ranges in age from 20 through to 66 years old. We’re going to drum, dance, and sing our hearts out. Mitsuru Ishizuka has created a great setlist for your enjoyment.

Please join us this weekend for this one-night-only performance. We’re waiting for you all, drumming everyday on Sado to get ready for all the performances!

See you there!


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