“Like the Ever-Changing Sky – EC 2018” by Jun Jidai

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

Just like that, EC 2018 is over.
Thank you so much to everyone who came along.
I hope you had a safe journey home and took great memories of your time on Sado with you.

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

Over the three days of the festival, we performed in different places and with a wide range of expressions.

Everything we showed was us, true to life.

Faces and voices we don’t usually show on stage.
And new flavors.

I hope you were able to experience different sides of Kodo at EC.

Photo: Jun JidaiEvery time you look at the sky, it’s different.
In the same way, we change all the time, too.

Photo: Jun Jidai

Kodo may go from one extreme to the other, but it’s all with our audience in mind.
Thanks for your continued support!

Photo: Maiko Miyagawa

Before I show my face on stage again, I’m going to take a good rest after EC!

See you in Tokyo at Kabukiza Theater this September! I’ll be there for “Yugen” from Sep. 2 through 26.

Kodo Appearance in New Kabuki Production “Yugen” at Kabukiza Theatre September Kabuki Performances [Evening Show] (Chuo Ward, Tokyo)