Sep. 2 (Sun)–26 (Wed), 2018 Kodo Appearance in 

Kabukiza Theatre September Kabuki Performances
New Kabuki Production “Yugen” [Evening Show]

(Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo)

Sensational 2017 Bando x Kodo Collaboration “Yugen'” Returns Reimagined as a New Kabuki Production Accompanied by Kodo!

In 2017, Kodo joined Kabuki luminary Tamasaburo Bando on stage for an inventive collaborative work, Tamasaburo Bando x Kodo Special Performance “Yugen.” This original production provided Kodo with a truly unique challenge: to use taiko to conjure the subtle yet profound world of Noh Theater with Bando. The combination of Bando’s unparalleled elegant dancing prowess and Kodo’s innovative musical accompaniment in Yugen, which means “subtle grace,” garnered great acclaim throughout its sell-out premiere season in Japan.

This year, “Yugen” will undergo a renaissance, transforming into a new Kabuki production with the same title. The new-look Yugen, also starring Tamasaburo Bando, will be presented each day as the final act of the evening show during the upcoming Kabukiza Theatre September Kabuki Performances. In the latest reincarnation, Bando and a cast of Kabuki actors will be accompanied by Kodo, who will perform the ingenious music they honed throughout 2017 season of the original collaboration.

Based on the iconic works “Hagoromo” (The Feather Robe), “Dojoji” (Dojo-ji Temple), and “Shakkyo” (The Stone Bridge), “Yugen” promises to take audiences on a journey to new horizons of expression and imagination; to a creative realm where captivating dance, Kodo’s soul-stirring taiko, and exquisite music inspired by the world of Noh, all meld into one.

*To read the stories of “Hagoromo,” “Dojoji” (Dojo-ji Temple), and “Shakkyo” in English, please visit the Shochiku Kabuki Official Website.



New Kabuki Work "Yugen" at Kabukiza Theater September Kabuki Performances [Evening Show]

Sep 2 (Sun), 2018 - Sep 26 (Wed), 2018 Kabukiza Theatre, Chuo Ward, Tokyo


Tamasaburo Bando with a cast of Kabuki actors

Kodo Performers:

Yuichiro Funabashi, Mitsuru Ishizuka, Kenta Nakagome, Yosuke KusaYuta Sumiyoshi, Jun Jidai, Koki Miura, Ryoma Tsurumi, Kengo Watanabe, Ryotaro Leo Ikenaga, Hayato Otsuka, Issei Kohira, Masayasu Maeda, Kodai Yoshida, Yuta Kimura, Seita Saegusa, Yuki Hirata, Taiyo Onoda, Shun Takuma
*Note: Kodo will perform the music for this new Kabuki production.

Doors Open:




Please Note:

The Sep. 9 Evening Show is a private performance.

Ticket Prices:

Box Seat (Stalls Level) 20,000 yen, First Class: 18,000 yen, Second Class 14,000 yen, Upper Tier A 6,000, Upper Tier B 4,000 yen (tax included)

Seating Details:

All seats reserved. Please refrain from bringing preschoolers (ages 5 & under).

Ticket Availability:

Ticket sales commence on Aug. 12 (Sun) at 10:00 by telephone and online.

Ticket Outlets:

Ticket Phone Shochiku (10:00–18:00)
Navi Dial Tel. 0570-000-489 or Tel. 03-6745-0888
※Tickets will be available from the box office counter from Aug. 14 (Tue) at 10:00.
※Tickets will not be kept for box office sales and will be subject to availability.
※Please take care when dialling to avoid calling the wrong number. Please use the redial button if calling multiple times.

Ticket Web Shochiku (English site) Available from 10:00 on Aug. 12, 2018

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