My Kodo Discography Pick 12 | Tomoe Miura: TATAKU BEST OF KODO II 1994-1999 (Album)

Tomoe Miura

My favorite CD is “TATAKU BEST OF KODO II 1994–1999.” It was bought for me in elementary school. We would often listen to it in the car on family drives. My favorite songs on the CD are Itsuka Mata, Song of the Universe, and Ao-ki Kaze (Wind from the Steppes), and I would listen to them on repeat, over and over.

I have lots of great memories of this CD. I would skip SHAKE —even though I like the song— to listen to Itsuka Mata, and sing along with Yoko on Niji no Nagori (Rainbow Traces).

Since joining Kodo I’ve had a lot of chances to play Ao-ki Kaze, but I still can’t play it as well as I want to. It’s so frustrating… it’s really not an easy piece to master. But I’ll keep trying.

This album features a special selection of great songs from the 90’s. Please give it a listen!


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