My Kodo Discography Pick 10 | Seita Saegusa: Heartbeat Best of KODO 25th Anniversary (Album)

Seita Saegusa

During my apprenticeship, I would listen to the recording of Chonlima from this compilation when I practiced.

I was determined to bridge the gap between my practice version and the version on this CD.  

The tempo, the nuances of the sound…

Come to think of it, I also practiced while listening to Miyake over and over.

When I listen to this CD, I think back to my apprentice days when I was training to become a member. I remember how hard I was practicing to sharpen my senses, what I had my sights set on, and how I was feeling.

This is an important collection to me, for now and for the future.

Album | Heartbeat—Best of Kodo 25th Anniversary

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“Thoughts Before Departure…” by Seita Saegusa

I am Seita, I have been with Kodo for 3 years.

This will be my third tour but my first to Europe. Our opening performance is in Moscow, Russia. So, for me, preparing to leave holds some familiar experiences and some fresh curiosity.


How will audiences respond to our reinterpretation of the Kodo classics in ‘Legacy’? Those signature pieces that Kodo has been performing for nearly half a century. But now, we are this troupe, here and now. What will remain the same as before and what will be different?

Intense preparation and practice is our lifestyle at Kodo Village—it becomes both our confidence and our pride. Therefore, Kodo’s legacy is instilled in our bodies and now we travel to share that gift with our audiences.


Yet, we are more than professional percussionists. We offer more than just the sound of drumming. We each offer our individual commitment and dedication to create the composite experience that is Kodo.

We do so with respect for the past and fresh ambition for the future.


My hope is that each member of each audience, at each performance, will leave with an imprint on their soul. An echo of the music that we have instilled in our bodies.



Where is Kodo performing today? (February 4, 2020)

“Kodo One Earth Tour 2020: Legacy” Europe Tour


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