My Kodo Discography Pick 10 | Seita Saegusa: Heartbeat Best of KODO 25th Anniversary (Album)

Seita Saegusa

During my apprenticeship, I would listen to the recording of Chonlima from this compilation when I practiced.

I was determined to bridge the gap between my practice version and the version on this CD.  

The tempo, the nuances of the sound…

Come to think of it, I also practiced while listening to Miyake over and over.

When I listen to this CD, I think back to my apprentice days when I was training to become a member. I remember how hard I was practicing to sharpen my senses, what I had my sights set on, and how I was feeling.

This is an important collection to me, for now and for the future.

Album | Heartbeat—Best of Kodo 25th Anniversary

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