“Picking Persimmons” by Misato Akazawa

All of sudden it’s cool and comfortable on Sado Island. It’s so different to the summer heat that was here not long ago.

Photo: Misato Akazawa

The other day, we did some agricultural work with the Kodo apprentices at a persimmon orchard managed by Mr. Shokei Kusaka at Konin-ji, a temple in Hamochi. Mr. Kusaka teaches us how to do debudding, cut the weeds, and pick the persimmons properly.

Photo: Misato Akazawa

When we went to the orchard, the apprentices exclaimed:
“Those small persimmons have gotten so big!”
“What a beautiful shade of orange, they look delicious!”
“We’ll have to work hard to harvest them all.”

Photo: Misato Akazawa

We harvested the persimmons, learning from Mr. Kusaka how to pick them without damaging them. After picking the fruit, we put alcohol on them to remove the astringency and carefully pack them into boxes.

Photo: Misato AkazawaThe apprentices’ wishes for a swift delivery are also sealed in each parcel along with the sun-ripened persimmons.Photo: Misato Akazawa

We hope they reach everyone quickly and safely.
If a box is heading your way, we hope you enjoy this delicious taste of autumn!

(These persimmon are sent annually to selected supporters in Japan and members of Kodo no Kai)

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