Kodo’s Response to COVID-19 Pandemic | Concert Venue Measures and Requests

Information and Requests for Everyone Planning to Attend an Upcoming Kodo Performance in Japan

Kodo is currently preparing for its upcoming performances, which will have strict measures in place to minimize the risk of infection and the spread of COVID-19. These measures are based on government and local authority policies, along with guidelines from Japan’s National Public Cultural Facilities Association and other authorities.
If you plan to attend a Kodo performance, we ask that you kindly follow the requests listed below. They include wearing a mask, following cough etiquette, frequent hand washing, the use of hand sanitizer, and physical distancing.
We will do our utmost to ensure your safety when you come to the venue so you can relax and enjoy our performance. We will prepare for each performance with meticulous attention to making sure all guidelines are followed. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Audience Information and Requests

Venue Capacity
• In accordance with theater guidelines, ticket sales are currently restricted to 50% of the usual seating capacity. This will allow audience members to be seated spaced out.
• Currently, you cannot book tickets for side-by-side seating.
• Please note that if the current guideline regarding seating restrictions is removed, the venue may release extra seats for sale. In this case, please note that you may not have an empty seat next to you when you attend the performance.

• Please make sure you wear a mask when you attend the performance.

Entering the Concert Venue
• When you arrive, your temperature will be checked and you will be asked to use hand sanitizer.
• If your temperature reading is 37.5℃ or over, you will not be admitted to the venue.
• If you have a fever, cough, sore throat, or notice any other symptoms or feel unwell, please refrain from attending the performance.

Contact Tracing & Personal Information
・Please share your name and contact details with us on arrival at the venue. If anyone at the venue is found to have COVID-19, we will share your contact details as required with local health care centers and public agencies.
・If a public agency directs us to contact our ticket holders in regards to COVID-19, we will do so promptly.
・Your personal information will be handled in strict accordance with the Kodo Group Privacy Policy.

“Kodo One Earth Tour 2020: Tsuzumi” performances will commence in November in Japan.
In due course, we will share details here on our website regarding the infectious disease countermeasures we will have in place at each venue for the audience, cast, and staff.
We will update this information page as required, so please check back here anytime for the latest details.

Current as of July 23, 2020

Inquiries: Contact Kodo (Weekdays 9:30–17:00)