Tomohiro MITOME Kodo Skills Specialist

Tomohiro MITOME
Tomohiro MITOME
Date of Birth:
Aug. 17, 1970
Adachi, Tokyo

Kodo Blog: Tomohiro MITOME


Tomohiro Mitome began playing taiko with a local group in his hometown when he was five. He entered the Kodo Apprentice Centre in 1989 and became a Kodo member in 1990. Mitome has toured extensively with Kodo throughout Japan and around the world ever since, often appearing center stage in Kodo’s most demanding pieces: Miyake, O-daiko, and Yatai-bayashi. 2020 marked his milestone 30th year with Kodo, which the entire group celebrated with a commemorative performance at Earth Celebration 2021: Kiseki—Tomohiro Mitome 30 Years with Kodo. Known for his precise technique and attention to every single beat of the drum, Mitome continues to broaden his activities through solo and small-group performances, as well as workshop instruction—all while remaining devoted to training Kodo’s next generation of performers at the Kodo Apprentice Centre. In 2023, he shared his approach and knowhow with an international group of taiko enthusiasts through his “O-daiko Masterclass,” an online course at Kodo Taiko School. Mitome served as the first Kodo Ensemble Leader (2012–2015).

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