My Kodo Discography Pick 13 | Yuta Sumiyoshi: Kaiki (Album)

Yuta Sumiyoshi


I would have been only one year old when this CD came out. (haha)

For some reason, it was the only CD we had at home, and when I was a child, I listened to it many times. 

Even now, I still find myself humming all the songs…
Sobama Moon
This flow absolutely rocks!

Hitotsu was also featured in the recent “Michi” production!

Even as a Kodo member, I felt so excited when I heard it performed live.

The pieces are rather avant-garde, even today.
Perhaps Kodo is slowly starting to get bound by things like history and tradition. 

I want to learn from the freedom and energy of this 90’s album and create music that isn’t hindered by preconceptions!

CD | Kaiki

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