Heading to Europe for “Kodo One Earth Tour 2022: Tsuzumi”

Thank you for your continued support of Kodo’s activities. Kodo is about to head to Europe for our first tour this year, “Kodo One Earth Tour 2022: Tsuzumi.” We realize that many people are concerned about our safety, so we wanted to share some information with you before we set off.

As you probably know from the news, COVID-19 is spreading throughout Europe at present. In light of the situation over there, our management team has carefully considered whether or not to go ahead with our upcoming tour from February through April. We decided to go on tour as planned.

We based our decision not only on information we gathered about the current situation in each country we will visit, but also with respect for each and every tour member’s thoughts around touring Europe at this time. Of course, we are keeping a close eye on how the situation in each area is evolving and we will proceed with the utmost caution following the local requirements and regulations in place to mitigate further spread. 

Since 1984, Kodo has traveled the globe for 38 years under the banner of “One Earth Tour.” By touring with taiko, we hope its powerful resonance will connect people, reminding us all of our common bond as human beings. The pandemic is just one of many things dividing society these days. It’s hard to know what to do in times like these, but playing taiko for audiences feels more important now than ever before. We hope our performances connect, delight, and energize people everywhere we go.

Thank you for your concern and support as we embark on our first international tour in two years.


Takuro Susaki, President, Kitamaesen Co., Ltd.

Yuichiro Funabashi, Leader, Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble

Jan. 24, 2022