[Obituary] Kodo Staff Member Takashi Akamine

Kodo staff member Takashi Akamine passed away at his home in England on March 18. He was diagnosed with cancer at the end of February this year, and was being cared for by his loving family at home. May he rest in peace.

From 1986 until now, Takashi was a long-serving, dedicated member of the Kodo staff whose work revolved around our international tours and performances.

Kodo’s mission statement centers on touring the globe under the banner “One Earth” to connect people beyond languages, borders, and culture. It is largely thanks to Takashi’s contributions that we have been able to carry out our global mission to date. The connections he carefully made and maintained on behalf of Kodo with people all over the world is what enabled our international performance history to grow and grow.

We have lost an irreplaceable friend and colleague, and we are all lost for words. We are sending our love and heartfelt sympathy to Takashi’s family.

Takashi championed our One Earth mission for decades with unyielding passion. We will continue our quest with sincere gratitude and love for Takashi in our hearts.