Member Notices (Kazuma Hirosaki, Hana Ogawa, Kazuma Taniguchi)

We would like to announce that Kazuma Hirosaki has recently become a fully-fledged Kodo Member.
Hana Ogawa will continue with us as a Kodo Junior Member, working towards becoming a fully-fledged member.
We kindly ask for your continued support of their activities with Kodo.

廣嵜一馬 Kazuma Hirosaki

小川蓮菜 Hana Ogawa


We would also like to announce that Kodo Junior Member Kazuma Tanigawa parted ways with the Kodo ensemble at the end of his probationary year in March 2023. We wish him all the best on his new path and sincerely thank everyone who supported his activities with Kodo to date.