Kodo Featured in Earth Day 2022 Project “Resolution Song”

Resolution Song

April 22 is Earth Day.
Today, we are proud to announce that Kodo has joined the Resolution Project, a global music and climate action project.

The initiative’s Resolution Song has been sung by thousands of people in over 200 countries to date, bringing the world together for action and change one rendition at a time. Through this song, we join our collaborators to call for peace, unity, and global collaboration to protect the planet.
The scale of engagement with this unique, ever-expanding project is truly astonishing, ranging from world famous artists to village singing groups. Kodo is honored to be a part of this project, joining hands with some of the most amazing people on this planet through music.

“Kodo is a legendary group of Japanese musicians. The power of their work is phenomenal. The ethos of their One Earth Tour is very powerful and that informs the experience of their music. We are so happy that they have taken part in Resolution. Their version is astonishing and we admire them beyond words. We hope they inspire millions of people to join the Resolution and make their own versions of the song, or share Kodo’s version online in solidarity. We are all standing with the world on our shoulders.”

—Abbey Wright, Director of Resolution and creator of the project

Please share our rendition with the hashtag #planetresolution
To find out more and to submit your own version, visit Planet Resolution.

Celebrity supporters include Sir Paul McCartney, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Naomie Harris, Bill Bailey, Jodie Whittaker, and Mark Rylance.