Member Notice: Yosuke Kusa

Performer Yosuke Kusa will part ways with the Kodo ensemble at the end of December 2020. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all for your support of his activities with Kodo to date.

The Rehearsal Hall

I love the rehearsal hall at Kodo Village. Its floor is steeped in the sweat and tears of the many performers who have created performances there to date.

One day, the flooring was replaced. The badly splintered reddish-brown floorboards were covered up by a new floor of light amber boards. While this update made the space comfortable, I was really fond of the former floor, so I felt a bit sad. But now that some years have passed, the amber floor has started to record the group’s history, too.

Recently, I made the decision to leave Kodo.

I had started to feel differently about the rehearsal hall that I loved so much. It started to feel like a place I visit, and without noticing when, my feelings of wanting to be even one millimeter better than I was the day before had faded.
When I realized this change, I could no longer allow myself to keep appearing on stage.

Kodo is constantly changing as it explores the infinite possibilities of taiko.
I am sure it will continue to evolve further still, while the fundamental parts of the group remain the same.

Those cornerstones support the group now, like that reddish-brown floor. I am proud to have played a role in that, and I will carry that pride in my heart as I live my life to the fullest moving forward.

Thank you very much for all your support to date.

Yosuke Kusa