Yosuke KUSA

Yosuke KUSA
Yosuke KUSA
Date of Birth:
May 13, 1983
Kobe, Hyogo

Kodo Blog: Yosuke KUSA


Yosuke Kusa entered the Kodo Apprentice Centre in 2007 and became a Kodo member in 2010. On stage, he is featured mainly on taiko drums, bamboo flutes, and in dance pieces. He has gained experience in a wide range of productions, including many “Kodo School Workshop Performances” and a number of collaborations with artists abroad. His sculpted, muscular physique is mainly the result of playing taiko — powerful pieces are his specialty, as demonstrated by his Miyake solo performances in the production of “Mystery.” Through his continued study of the Iwami Kagura serpent dance Jamai, and the demon sword dance Onikenbai, Kusa strives to fortify his gifts for physical expression in order to convey these aboriginal traditions as honorably as possible. Since his directorial debut in 2015, Kusa has been director of the School Workshop Performances.

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