NHK WORLD Video On Demand Special Feature on Kodo Apprentices “Hometown Stories: One Heart, One Beat” Sep. 24–Oct. 9, 2017

Recently NHK Niigata followed Kodo’s apprentices through their daily life and training to create a special programme that went on to be broadcast nationwide in Japan. In an exciting new progression, an English-language version of the programme has been created for NHK World to share online with international audiences worldwide. It’s a free-to-watch 32-min. programme that will take you to Sado Island to see behind the scenes of life at Kodo Apprentice Centre where young trainees strive to make it to the Kodo stage one day. You only have until Oct. 9 to watch it, so we hope you’ll tune in soon!

NHK WORLD Video On Demand
“Hometown Stories One Heart, One Beat”

To view on demand, please click this link:

Broadcast Period: Sep. 24 (Sun)–Oct. 9 (Mon), 2017

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