[TV Broadcast] Niigata Regional News Program “Super J Niigata” Feature on Kodo’s Hayato Otsuka to Air on June 1, 2018

Photo: Takashi Okamoto

In 2018, UX (Niigata TV 21) is celebrating its 35th year with a special project, “Niigata Jiman” (The Pride of Niigata). A camera crew came to Sado Island to follow Kodo’s Hayato Otsuka for a feature in this series, capturing his daily rehearsals and his feelings about Niigata Prefecture. If you live in Niigata, we hope you’ll tune in for the broadcast.

Niigata Regional News Program “Super J Niigata”

[Broadcast Date & Time] June 1 (Fri), 2018 18:15–19:00
[Broadcast Station] UX (Niigata TV 21)

*Exact start time of the Kodo feature is unknown as it will be decided on the day based on other news.
*Broadcast schedule may change due to breaking news, etc.