Farewell Message from Akiko Ando

Kodo member Akiko Ando will part ways with our ensemble at the end of August 2017.

We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who has supported Akiko throughout her work with Kodo to date.

Farewell Message from Akiko Ando

“Treasure each encounter.” I carried my father’s words with me when I moved to Sado Island seven years ago. My motto was “Become someone that people will remember.” Now, seven years later, I will appear on stage as a Kodo member for the last time at “Earth Celebration 2017.”

I moved to Sado straight after I graduated from high school to become a Kodo apprentice, when I had yet to gain the common sense you learn out in the world. I am who I am today thanks to being nurtured by everyone at Kodo and all the many people I met through Kodo. I know there were many times when I made mistakes, and I regret any trouble I caused, but I know I developed as a person thanks to all those life lessons. If I said, “I feel like eating rice from Akita,” then my mother and relatives would send me a care package right away. My friends in Akita, my friends on Sado Island, and the audience at all our performances: you all warmly, passionately cheered me on and supported me. That’s how I made it to where I am today. I am sincerely grateful to you all.  If you all remember me even just a little bit as Akiko Ando from Kodo, then that will be my proof of how far I made it. I hope that I will be remembered by many of you.

Taiko, song, bamboo flute, dance…

While I am somewhat sad to move away from this enjoyable daily life with Kodo, from now on I intend to continue my performance activities from my new base in Osaka. So, I hope to see you all again one day somewhere.
Thank you so much for the past seven years. I kindly ask for your continued support in the future, too.

Earth Celebration is about to begin on Sado Island!

I’ll give my best performances alongside the best performers!

Let’s laugh out loud, let our tears flow, and have the best time together!

Akiko Ando (Aug. 18, 2017)