Kodo 30th Anniversary Book English Translation and Self-Publishing Project

Please help share Kodo’s story with the world

Melanie Taylor has been connecting Kodo with the world for the past 15 years, handling our English translation and public relations. We are thrilled to announce that Melanie has launched a translation project that she has been dreaming about for years. This news is a dream come true for Kodo, too.

“I want to share Kodo’s book ‘Inochi Moyashite, Tatakeyo.’ with the world in English. It’s been a burning desire of mine since 2011, when I was working in the Kodo Office, watching the team create this Japanese book. Kodo is still struggling in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. I think that sharing Kodo’s roots and its mission with more people, in more depth, will be a meaning contribution to Kodo, Sado Island, and the global taiko community. I also think it will give hope and courage to people who were also severely impacted by the pandemic. 
I decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to gather support to make this dream project become a reality. People who contribute to this campaign can choose perks that include having their name listed in the supporters section at the back of this book. I’ll be running a crowdfunding campaign online on PledgeMe from Feb. 14 (Tue) until Apr. 11 (Tue). I kindly ask for your help with this project.” — Melanie Taylor

The Kodo Book Translation Project crowdfunding project is underway now on PledgeMe.

We kindly ask for your support and help to share our story with the world at last.

*The cover of the English version shown here is a mockup. The cover, English title, and other information are subject to change. 

Melanie Taylor, Japanese-English Translator and Interpreter

South Paw Translation
From 2007–2012, Melanie worked for Kitamaesen, handling Kodo’s international tour production, translation, English public relations, and interpreting. From 2013–present, Melanie has been looking after Kodo’s translation and English public relations as a freelancer. Since 2016, Melanie has been based in her homeland, New Zealand, working as a certified Japanese-to-English translator and an interpreter.