“O-daiko Rollathon” Kodo 2023 North America Tour Fundraiser

As you may have heard, we are heading back to North America!

As we finalize our early 2023 tour schedule (full schedule TBA), we are also running into challenges in putting on our North America tour for the first time in 4 years.
Specifically, the sea-freight cost (to ship our drums and equipment there and back from Japan) has gone up to 5 x more than usual!
We need help this time to make our biennial North America Tour happen, so today we are launching an O-daiko Rollathon fundraiser with a goal of raising $30K to help ship our taiko to North America.

What is an O-daiko Rollathon?

It’s the taiko equivalent of a Walkathon fundraising event, coined by our good friends at San Jose Taiko, using o-daiko—the biggest taiko drum!
A few performers from Kodo will participate as “Rollers” to hit as many hits as possible on the o-daiko for 1 minute.
We ask that you make a pledge(s) to your Kodo performer of choice (i.e. $1 per hit), and we will then follow up with you with a video of the 1-minute o-daiko “roll”, to let you know the final amount for your donation and how to submit it.
FYI, Kodo performers like to play phrases, instead of straight hits on the o-daiko for a 1-minute challenge, and they average roughly around 200 hits per minute.
Flat amount donations are also an option.
*US residents: Your donations will be tax deductible in the US.

Make your pledge here: https://forms.gle/beMqGxZxqynbkY2u6
[UPDATED] The pledge deadline is September 30th October 8th.
Rollathon taiko results will be shared with pledgers during the week of Oct. 10 by email.
Flat donations will be gratefully accepted after this date.

Thank you in advance for supporting the upcoming Kodo North America Tour 2023!

See “Kodo One Earth Tour 2023: Tsuzumi” North America Tour schedule here

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