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To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Chieko Kojima‘s performance career, you’re invited to send Chieko a video message.

Chieko has traveled to over 36 countries in her 40 years as a performer. This year, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of her dynamic career, Chieko would like to request video messages from everyone she has met all over the world to date!
Chieko says, “My signature piece ‘Hana Hachijo’* has grown through my travels. “Hana” means “flower,” and I have been planting seeds as I travel and share it, hoping that every person I meet will see their own “flower” bloom one day. To commemorate my special milestone year, I would like to ask everyone to send me a “flower” in the form of a message.”

Kodo will compile everyone’s messages into a video to play in the lobby of the Dec. 23 Kodo “Sen no Mai”–Chieko Kojima Performance Career 40th Anniversary Concert in Tokyo. The video will also be shared online after the event.

*Translator’s notes: “Hachijo” is the name of an island in Japan where a distinct style of taiko drumming is upheld: Hachijo Daiko.

Kodo “Sen no Mai”–Chieko Kojima Performance Career 40th Anniversary Concert (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo)

Guidelines for Video Message Submissions

· Length: 10–15 seconds
· Format: Not specified (If using a smart phone, please take the video sideways/horizontally/landscape orientation)
· Send your video file to If the video file is too large to send by email, please use a file uploader service of your choice, such as ‘we transfer’ (
· One message per group or person with the following content:
1)Name (or group name)
2)Your country/location
3)Your cheery “flower” message. Feel free to include a shout out to your taiko friends worldwide, anything you want to share about your group, etc.
Each message will add a unique color to the compilation. Thank you in advance!

Important Notes + Deadline

With the length of the completed video in mind, we would like to request only one video message per organization or group, please. However, if you are not affiliated with a group, or if it is not possible to record the message in a group, please send us your personal message.
Due to the time required to put the video together, the deadline is Nov. 30, 2019. (If you are intending to send a video and need more time, or if you have any questions, contact us via the email address above.)

“I look forward to your colorful “flower” messages!”

Yours sincerely,
Chieko Kojima