Cast Change Announcement for Kodo “Calling” Niigata Performance on Oct. 22 (Sun), 2023

Kodo has made a cast change for the upcoming Kodo “Calling” Niigata Performance on Oct. 22 (Sun) at Niigata Prefectural Civic Center (Main Hall) due to the poor condition of one of its performers.

This performance will go ahead without Mizuki Yoneyama.

We know many people are looking forward to this performance and we truly regret this sudden change. We offer you our sincere apologies and kindly ask for your understanding.

Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble, Kitamaesen Co., Ltd.
Niigata Performance Presenters: TeNY Television Niigata / Niigata City Art & Culture Promotion Foundation

Refund Requests

If anyone wishes to request a refund in light of the aforementioned cast change, please follow the instructions below before the performance. You will need your ticket(s) and seat number(s) to make this request. Please keep your ticket(s) somewhere safe and do not remove the ticket stub(s).

■ Refund requests can be made until 14:00 on Oct. 22 (Sun).

■ Please Note
・You must contact the presenter by the time listed above. No refund requests will be accepted after this deadline.
・Your refund will be sent to your designated bank account before the end of October.
・The refund amount will be the ticket price only. Please note that ticket handling fees can not be refunded.

■How to request a refund

1) In person in the lobby of Niigata Prefectural Civic Center
・Please bring all tickets that you wish to request be refunded.

2) By email
Subject:「鼓童 払い戻し希望」Kodo Refund Request
Email Content
・Name of the ticket outlet where you purchased your tickets
・Ticket type(s) and number of tickets
・Seat number(s)
・Contact phone number
・Bank account details for your refund
Send to: TeNY Events Division

■ Inquiries Niigata Prefectural Civic Center Tel. 025-228-4481 *Until 17:00 on Oct. 22 (Sun)