Earth Celebration Countermeasures for COVID-19

During the Earth Celebration 2020 live broadcasts, Kodo members will perform or talk without masks at times, and in close proximity to one another. We realize this may be a cause of concern for the audience in light of the current pandemic situation. We want to reassure everyone tuning in that the organizers of Earth Celebration and all of use at Kodo, are taking extra care to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in line with recommendations from our local health authorities. To minimize any concern for our supporters and the citizens of Sado Island, we would like to explain some of the many countermeasures we have in place for this year’s event. 

  • All performing members and festival staff are following strict hygiene guidelines throughout the event. 
  • Everyone off camera is wearing a mask.
  • All Kodo performers and EC staff continue to check their temperature twice a day, and report it to their supervisor.
  • Earth Celebration Committee and the Kodo Group continue to put health and safety first by keeping in close contact with Sado Heath, Welfare and Environment Department and updating our measures based on the latest information. 
  • This year, EC Committee has invited the minimum number of external staff required to carry out this live-stream event. All staff have been asked to follow the same strict guidelines as the EC Committee and the Kodo Group, and to closely monitor their physical condition and temperature for two weeks prior to coming in contact with the cast and crew here on Sado Island. 


EC and Kodo will check everyone’s temperature and condition each day, and take care as we hold the festival without an on-site audience.

We sincerely hope you enjoy this year’s Earth Celebration online.

Kodo Group