“Ao Ao” Kodo Performance Videos


In the videos above, the bamboo flutes we are playing are shinobue utamono (song type).
C minor version: roppon-choshi (#6)
A minor version: happon-choshi (#8)

We have made separate sheet music for the C minor and A minor versions, which you can download below.
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Message from the Composer

This piece is centered around singing. It’s called “Ao Ao,” which means deep, bright, or vivid blue.

The Sea of Japan is the source of inspiration for the lyrics, with its sparkling blue water and crashing white-capped waves we see and hear throughout winter.
I think our voices show our personality more than any other instrument. I hope that each taiko team will be able to bring their own flavor to this piece. When you project your voice, you can really raise your own spirits and uplift those around you. I hope teams that have had few singing opportunities in the past will give this piece a try. There is sheet music available for teams with mainly female singers or soprano voices (the C minor version) and for teams with mainly male singers or tenor voices (the A minor version). Feel free to choose the version that suits your team. Of course, other keys will work too. Feel free to arrange this piece as you like to get the perfect balance for your team, but be sure to keep the volume of the taiko lower than the voices. You can sing and drum at the same time, or have people who only sing if you like.

Also, if you would like to change the lyrics—in other words, compose your own lyrics—that would be wonderful, too. If there is some scenery, or an idea or event you’d like to sing about, or something else important to your team, try creating your own lyrics. I think it’s easier for a team to perform a song with feeling when the imagery is really familiar.

I look forward to your versions of Ao Ao.

Ao ao hareru umi wa, enya ho
Kaza oto hayasu yo, ho enya ho
Nami-datsu umi to odore, enya ho
Uchi-narashi utae ya, ho enya ho
Ho enya ho  

Yoshie Abe

Lyrics translation (as a guide for meaning only):
Bright blue sparkling sea
Accompanied by the sound of the wind
Dance along with the waves
Beat the drums and sing aloud

About Kodo One Earth Music

Kodo One Earth Music compositions are original pieces composed by Kodo, created so people around the world can enjoy playing our music more freely. Anyone, anywhere, any time.

To help make it easier for many people to learn and perform this music, we have:

・posted Kodo One Earth Music reference videos on YouTube.
・made free downloadable sheet music available.
・relaxed some of the usage restrictions, such as the need to request copyright permission.

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