“Uneri” Kodo Performance Videos


These video resources, shot from a bird’s-eye view, will help you learn each part.

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Message from the Composer

The next composition in our Kodo One Earth Music (KOEM) series is a three-part rhythm ensemble piece.

The first KOEM release,
Shunpuu, was an ensemble piece with a lot of different parts for taiko and cymbals, along with bamboo flutes playing the melody. In contrast, this time our aim was to compose a piece that could be played with only a few people.

The title, Uneri (pronounced oo-ne-ri [unɛɾi]), is a word that has many meanings in Japanese. It describes undulating or surging waves, strong swell, whirling waves, whirlpools, and so on. 

The different types of “uneri” are written with distinct kanji characters, but they all give people a sense of something very powerful and all-encompassing.

If we were to put that in terms of music, perhaps it would be “groove.” Uneri features a refrain on a loop, which creates a unique groove that you won’t find in Western backbeats.

We really hope this piece will see each performer produce that groove and let it build, so it encompasses the whole audience in a big whirlpool.

Play it on miya-daiko or on katsugi-okedo!
Play it in a trio!
Or increase the unison part and play it in a large group!

We are looking forward to all the surging waves you’ll create when you play Uneri!

Yuta Sumiyoshi
Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble



About Kodo One Earth Music

Kodo One Earth Music compositions are original pieces composed by Kodo, created so people around the world can enjoy playing our music more freely. Anyone, anywhere, any time.

To help make it easier for many people to learn and perform this music, we have:

・posted Kodo One Earth Music reference videos on YouTube.
・made free downloadable sheet music available.
・relaxed some of the usage restrictions, such as the need to request copyright permission.

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Header Photo: Members of Shido, Mihara-shichi Elementary School (Awaji Island, Hyogo), performing with Kodo.