Music by Kodo Featured in Open World Game Genshin Impact’s New Field “Inazuma”

Genshin Impact is an open world game from China and it’s a worldwide hit. The game’s new field “Inazuma” was released on July 21 and its soundtrack features music by Kodo along with a large number of Japanese musicians including Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

All the music featured in Genshin Impact was composed by Yu-Peng Chen, a composer on miHoYo’s original music production team HOYO-MiX. Chen’s strong desire to have the latest soundtrack recorded in Japan led to this collaboration, which conjures a unique realm with new sound by blending a full orchestra with Japanese instruments.

You can listen to the music within the Genshin Impact game, and it’s also available to enjoy on YouTube.


(Recorded at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall)

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