Crowdfunding for Chieko Film Project is Underway!

A call for support for Chieko Film Project on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding is now underway to help create a film that captures the artistic world of Chieko Kojima for the very first time. This film will combine the live performance footage of Kodo “Sen no Mai”–Chieko Kojima Performance Career 40th Anniversary Concert with scenes shot on location on Sado Island.

The estimated budget for turning the film footage captured to date into a presentable work is ¥4,320,000. Half of these costs will be covered by Chieko Kojima, using her own personal funds. Chieko would like to ask you all for your generous support to raise the remaining 50%, so she can make this dream become a reality.

Message from Chieko Kojima
“Last year, I created a performance with the next generation of Kodo members. Under the title “Sen no Mai,” we presented it on stage in December. I didn’t want it to disappear—I wanted to preserve the work we had developed together. My artistic world, depicted by Kodo through sound and physical expression, came to life for one night only. I think we produced a brand-new performance, unlike anything Kodo has presented to date.”
“I want to preserve that “moment” that we conjured together, so it remains in the world. So I kindly ask for your help with this project. I would like to thank each and every one of you in advance for your kind support.”

■Campaign Dates
Jan. 22–Mar. 21, 2020

■Fundraising Target
2,000,000 yen

■️Crowdfunding Campaign
“Chieko Film Project” on Kickstarter…/1502062254/chieko-film-project

■Project Info
“Chieko Film Project” Facebook Page

■Inquiries: Atsushi Sugano
Tel. 090-7812-4890