“Kodo One Earth Tour 2024: Warabe” Europe Tour

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Let your soul dance to the rhythm of life.

In Japanese, the word “Kodo” holds a double meaning. It can be translated as “heartbeat,” the primal source of all rhythm. However, our group’s name is written with different characters, which mean “drum” and “child.” This reflects Kodo’s desire to play the drums with the simple heart of a child. For our 40th anniversary, we created two works based on our name: “Tsuzumi” takes its name and theme from the drum character, and “Warabe” from the child element.

In “Warabe,” Kodo looks to its classic repertoire and aesthetics from the ensemble’s early days. This production blends simple forms of taiko expression that celebrate the unique sound, resonance, and physicality synonymous with Kodo—forever children of the drum at heart.
Come and experience the soul-stirring rhythm of life firsthand.


Yuichiro Funabashi


Eiichi Saito, Kenta Nakagome, Jun Jidai, Koki Miura, Reo Kitabayashi, Masayasu Maeda, Kodai Yoshida, Seita Saegusa, Chie Yamawaki, Taiyo Onoda, Shun Takuma, Moe Niiyama, Jumpei Nonaka, Kazuma Hirosaki


Programme (Downloadable PDF)