Kodo workshops are not about teaching new pieces of music or polishing technique. The goal is rather to provide a situation where each participant can experience the joy of expressing their individuality through music. Kodo Juku, which began in 1989, are multi-day workshops held at the Kodo Village and the Kodo Apprentice Centre in Sado’s beautiful natural environment.

Workshops in taiko, voice and dance are offered for the complete novice and professional performer alike.

Since 2007, with the opening of the ‘Sado Island Taiko Centre,’ Kodo has been able to take its local community outreach work to the next level, sharing the tradition of taiko through hands-on workshops and various cultural-exchange events.

Kodo Juku

With the backdrop of Sado Island’s natural splendor, the Kodo Juku offer participants the rare opportunity for an intimate multi-day musical experience with Kodo members. The goal here is not to learn technical skills as much as it is to rediscover your own expression in an environment where each participant’s individuality and physical characteristics are taken into consideration. You too are invited to gather on Sado Island for a short retreat where the goals are simply to live, learn, and create.

Kodo Juku: Eichi Saito’s Taiko Workshop

‘Delivery’ Workshops

Kodo’s ‘Delivery Workshop’ program sends instructors to your home town for local workshops in taiko and voice. Please inquire for details.

  • Eichi Saito’s Taiko Workshop
  • Yoko Fujimoto’s Voice Circle
  • Chieko Kojima’s Taiko Workshop
  • Motofumi Yamaguchi’s Shinobue (bamboo flute) Workshop

Yoko Fujimoto’s Voice Circle



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