Earth Celebration 2019 (Sado Island, Niigata)

Earth Celebration (EC) is an international arts & culture festival set in the rich natural splendour of Sado Island in the Sea of Japan. Kodo has a long history of extensive touring and this vibrant event provides the perfect chance for the ensemble to invite some of the many artists and cultural gurus they encounter on their travels to visit them at home. At EC, artists, locals, and festivalgoers alike come together to seek new global culture through collaboration and exchange. Hosted in tandem with Sado City since 1998, EC offers three days of exciting live performances and unique opportunities to enjoy the culture, nature, and tastes of Sado Island.

Since 2017, the main events at the heart of EC are the Harbour Market Concerts at Ogi Port Park.
On Day 1, we’re kicking off the main stage action with the first-ever outdoor performance of “Kodo Next Generation,” which returns to EC after a successful foreign debut at Paris’ Théâtre du Soleil.
On Day 2, we are thrilled to welcome a world-class percussion troupe from South Korea back to EC for the first time in 19 years: Kim Duk-Soo SamulNori! We’ll also be joined by musician Koshiro Hino, a special guest whose multi-faceted, experimental approach is drawing attention in Japan and abroad. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it!
On Day 3, the lineup will end in true EC style with an extravaganza reserved for this event alone: a special performance by the entire Kodo ensemble!

The 32nd Annual Earth Celebration lineup is going to be jam-packed with fun!
For further details, please visit the Earth Celebration Official Website.

▪Main Event Dates: Aug. 16 (Fri)–18 (Sun)
▪Location: Events held all over Sado Island, Niigata, Japan (Main concerts and market place held in Ogi area)


Aug. 16 (Fri), 2019 Harbour Market Concert “Kodo Next Generation 2019” –AREA S SOLD OUT / AREA A STILL AVAILABLE–


Ryotaro Leo Ikenaga



Harbour Market Concert “Kodo Next Generation 2019”

Aug. 17 (Sat), 2019 Harbour Market Concert “Kim Duk-Soo SamulNori × Kodo × YPY” –AREA S SOLD OUTAREA A STILL AVAILABLE–


Yuta Sumiyoshi


Kim Duk-Soo SamulNori, YPY (Koshiro Hino), Kodo

Harbour Market Concert “Kim Duk-Soo SamulNori × Kodo × YPY”

Aug. 18 (Sun), 2019 Harbour Market Concert “Kodo All-Star Special Performance” –SOLD OUT–


Mitsuru Ishizuka (Kodo)


Kodo All Stars

Harbour Market Concert “Kodo All-Star Special Performance” [SOLD OUT]

Aug. 16 (Fri), 2019 EC Theatre “Chieko Kojima & Takahisa Suda in ‘Dojoji’–Produced by Yoko Kamiyabu” –TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE–


Yoko Kamiyabu


Chieko Kojima [Kodo] (dance, taiko), Takahisa Suda (troubadour), Kana Hiramatsu (violin), Ryusuke Oishi (percussion), Yoko Kamiyabu (palmas)

EC Theatre “Chieko Kojima & Takahisa Suda in ‘Dojoji’”

Aug. 17 (Sat), 2019 EC Theatre “Kodo Ballad Collection” –SOLD OUT–


Yuki Hirata (Kodo)



EC Theatre “Kodo Ballad Collection” [SOLD OUT]

Important Announcements from Earth Celebration Committee

1. EC 2019 Website Launch Brought Forward

  • This year, EC will bring forward its website launch so festivalgoers can plan their tickets, accomodations, and transport for EC more easily. The EC 2019 Official Website (English) will open in late April.
  • Applications for Harbour Market Stalls and Fringe Performers will also open earlier this year.

2. Changes to Harbour Market Concerts

  • To decrease audience member wait times before each concert, this year there will be two seating areas (front/back) with different prices. Ticket holders will enter their designated area in order of ticket number.
  • This year, the Harbour Market Concert venue area inside Ogi Port Park will only be open to the public for the evening concerts. Due to this change, this year the EC Fringe performances will take place at nearby Kisaki Shrine.