“Kodo One Earth Tour 2023: Shoso” Japan Tour

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Shoso premiered in 2022 as a special work created to celebrate the 10th year of Kodo’s annual concert series in Tokyo’s Asakusa. Directed by Yoshie Abe, this dynamic production received rave reviews from in-person and livestream audiences alike. If you missed it in Asakusa, we have great news: Shoso will return to the stage in late 2023 for a nationwide tour in Japan. This exuberant performance features pieces ranging from classics steeped in Kodo’s history to new offerings created especially for this work. Join us at a theater near you to end 2023 on a high note with Kodo, uplifted by the visceral sound of our taiko music.

Spirits are set to soar

This production approaches tradition and history with fresh creativity.
When you focus on taiko with simplicity, the energy you conjure resonates out.
We live on Sado Island, play taiko, and create sound. Then we set out across the sea, chasing the horizon on our travels. So I wanted to give this work a title that embodied a sense of soaring and running. I coined the word Shoso to combine those actions and capture that energy and velocity.
I hope you’ll come and enjoy it live at a theater near you.

Yoshie Abe, Director


Yoshie Abe


Eiichi SaitoKenta Nakagome, Yuta SumiyoshiKoki Miura, Reo Kitabayashi, Issei Kohira, Masayasu MaedaSeita Saegusa, Chie Yamawaki, Taiyo OnodaShun TakumaMoe NiiyamaJumpei Nonaka
*Cast is subject to change.

Photo: Takashi Okamoto
Art Director: Hiroomi Hattori (COM Works)