Sep.–Dec. 2021 Kodo Interactive Performances 2021 (Japan)

Taiko is so much fun!
Come and enjoy the power of taiko with your five senses with Kodo!

Kodo Interactive Performances are a hit with audiences young and young at heart around Japan.

Through talks by the performers throughout the upbeat performance and a hands-on experience corner, you will get to know Kodo and enjoy taiko in brand new ways.
Bring your family for a fun outing where you’ll get a boost of positive energy and good vibrations.

The Sep.–Dec. 2021 performances will be held in Niigata, Tokyo, Chiba, and Shizuka Prefectures.
Details are available in Japanese only, but if you’d like information in English for a certain location, please contact the Kodo Office.

See below for the Japanese webpage:

鼓童「交流公演 2021」