Kodo Taiko School Cohort 0—Trial/Individual Course

Course Dates: May–Sep. 2021

Kodo Taiko School Framework [Cohort 0]
*Applications closed

  • Kodo members will teach one 2-hour online group lesson per week over the course of five months. (Total of 19 lessons)
  • Lessons will take place on Zoom (video meeting app). Participants will take part remotely and can use a taiko drum, drum practice pad, cushion, or similar item.
  • Each class will have 5 to 6 students. Lessons will be offered in Japanese and English. *If one language suits all participants, classes may be held in that language only.
  • Participants and staff will communicate using Discord (group communication app). This is where everyone will share course information and chat together online. 
  • Details about each lesson will be shared via Discord in advance. When required, instructors will share YouTube links for video content that participants will use to prepare for the next lesson.
  • There is an optional task for participants who wish to receive advice from the instructor(s) about their playing. Anyone wanting tailored advice will be invited to submit a performance video.
  • There will be a Taiko Camp held once during each course to bring the participants together to play taiko. This event is an optional extra that is only open to course participants. The camp cost is not included in the course fee.

Participant Requirements:
Participants must be senior high school age (minimum of 15 years) or over with at least one year of experience playing taiko.

Equipment Required:
1) Something to use instead of a taiko

  • a drum practice pad or cushion for taiko practice (also ok to use taiko/electronic taiko [TAIKO-1])
  • bachi (taiko drumsticks)

2) Online lesson setup

  • Computer or mobile device with video capabilities (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Zoom app (free)
  • Discord app (free)
  • YouTube account (free) *Only for participants who wish to submit video tasks

[For Optional Activity] Bachi (Taiko Drumstick) Making
Participants who wish to make bachi (drumsticks) will need to prepare materials and tools such as timber, a plane, gloves, etc. Detailed info will be provided closer to the time.

Kodo Taiko School Curriculum Plan [Cohort 0]

Cohort 0 is the trial version of Kodo Taiko School that will help us prepare to launch the full-scale program from Cohort 1. For this version, we are planning a range of content for everyone to experience.
The first phase, “Get ready to create sound,” focuses on sharing Kodo’s know-how about the fundamentals, such as every taiko player’s best friends: their drumsticks. We’ll also incorporate content to help taiko player’s develop their physique. During the next phase, we’ll reacquaint ourselves with the fundamentals of playing taiko. Practising the basics involves a lot of repetition, and requires persistent effort. So we’ll tackle this practice as a class, cheering each other on.

From the middle of the course, we’ll start working on playing a piece. Kodo is currently creating an original piece especially for Kodo Taiko School. As you learn the piece, one by one you’ll learn the important things to focus on every time you play taiko. The final phase is designed for everyone to enjoy performing. Each unique group of classmates will become a team that performs a piece together. We’re sure this serendipitous encounter will take you to new places.

Lesson Schedule 

For the Cohort 0 intake, we are seeking participants for three classes. Please choose the schedule that best suits you.
*Note: Dates/times are Japan Standard Time/GMT +9

  • Team Keyaki (Saturday 15:00–17:00)
  • Team Hinoki (Saturday 18:00–20:00)
  • Team Atebi (Monday 10:00–12:00)


Fees [Cohort 0 Special Price]

All fees include tax.

Kodo Taiko School Enrolment Fee: 11,000 yen
Kodo Taiko School Cohort 0 Course for Individuals
Course Fee (5 months/19 lessons): 80,000 yen (Kodo no Kai Members: 75,000 yen) 

Kodo Taiko School Taiko Camp (Optional Extra)
Camp Fee: 55,000 yen (Kodo no Kai Members: 50,000 yen)
*To be held on Sado Island (includes lodging and meals)

Fee Payment

  • Fees are due by April 23 (Fri), 2021.
  • Payments can be made by bank transfer (within Japan only) or Paypal.

About Kodo no Kai
Details about Kodo’s Japanese-language supporter service,
Kodo no Kai, are available in Japanese only.
We welcome inquiries in English via the form on this page.

Application Method

Applications for Kodo Taiko School Cohort 0 have closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!

Process from Application to Course Start
If there are more applications than spaces, we will use a selection process to choose participants for this cohort. Staff will contact all applicants on Apr. 5 to let them know if they are able to attend. We will send course information to all confirmed participants. Please pay your course fees by Apr. 23 (Sat). Before the course commences, there will be communications between staff and participants and an online lesson technical check (date and time TBA).
Inquiries: Please contact Kodo Cultural Foundation using this inquiry form.

Kodo Taiko School Cohort 0 Instructors

(From left to right)

Jun Jidai
Yoshie Abe
Kenta Nagagome
Taiyo Onoda

*Each instructor’s lessons will be announced on the Kodo website at a later date.
*Instructor lineup may be subject to change.