May–July 2016

Kodo Interactive Performances (Japan)

May–July 2016

[Kodo 35th Anniversary Special Event] Kodo Premium Concert
–An Invitation from Tamasaburo Bando into the World of Kodo–

June–July 2016

"Kodo One Earth Tour 2016: Chaos" Japan Tour

July 2016

Kodo Special Performance in Asakusa "Spirited Summer"

Spirited Summer

  • July 1 (Fri)–3 (Sun), 2016 Taito Ward, Tokyo

Performance Details

Aug. 2016

Kodo 35th Anniversary Commemorative Concerts (Japan)

Kodo 35th Anniversary Commemorative Event
"Concert for Kids: Kodo for Ages 0 & Up"

Earth Celebration 2016

  • Aug. 26 (Fri)–28 (Sun), 2016 Various locations around Sado Island, Niigata

Preparations are underway to transform Earth Celebration (EC) from an outdoor festival centered around music and Kodo into a festival that focuses on Sado Island and its future. Join us for EC 2016 to explore new ways to celebrate the earth and Sado Island together, including interactive events, hands-on experience activities, workshops, concerts, and more!

Event Details

Sep. 2016

Kodo Interactive Performances (Japan)

Sep.–Dec. 2016

"Kodo One Earth Tour 2016: Spiral" Japan Tour

Jan.–Mar. 2017

Kodo "DADAN 2017" (North America)

*Dates and locations TBA

May–June 2017

Yugen* (Japan)

*English title subject to change

*Dates and locations TBA