Kodo One Earth Tour 2021: Tsuzumi
June 6 (Sun), 2021 Makubetsu, Hokkaido

Updated: Mar 25 (Thu), 2021

Jun 6 (Sun), 2021 Makubetsu-cho Centennial Hall, Makubetsu, Hokkaido

Doors Open:





1F Seats 5,000 yen, 2F Seats 4,000 yen
*Prices incl. tax


Advance price + 500 yen

Seating Details:

All seats reserved.
Please refrain from bringing preschoolers (ages 5 & under).
For tickets for wheelchair users, please contact the venue.

Nursery Service:

For inquiries and bookings, please contact the venue by May 27. (Makubetsu-cho Centennial Hall Tel. 0155-56-8600)

Ticket Availability:

Tickets on sale from Apr. 5 (Mon) at 10:00 (JST)

Kodo no Kai Pre-Orders:

Available from Mar. 26 (Fri) 12:00 until Mar. 29 (Mon) 23:59.

Details have been sent to Kodo no Kai members. To join our Japanese-language supporter service Kodo no Kai, please contact us via this form or see our website for details (in Japanese only).

Ticket Outlets:

Note: Assistance is only available in Japanese. Please contact Kodo if you need help in English.
Makubetsu-cho Centennial Hall Tel. 0155-56-8600
Makubetsu Town Office (Residents Section) Tel. 0155-54-6602
Makubetsu Town Office Satsunai Branch Tel. 0155-56-2111
Makubetsu Town Office Churui General Branch (Lifelong Learning Section) Tel. 01558-8-2201
Kachimai Salon (Fujimaru Dept. Store 7F) Tel. 0155-27-0077
Ticket Live (Obihhiro Shimin Bunka Hall) Tel. 0155-23-8111
Otofuke-cho Bunka Center Tel. 0155-31-5215
Lawson Ticket Tel. 0570-084-001[L-code: 11916] http://l-tike.com
Ticket Pia Tel. 0570-02-9999 [P-code: 194-641] http://pia.jp/

Venue COVID-19 Countermeasures:


Venue Address:
180 Senjū, Makubetsu, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido 〒089-0563
Venue Access:

・5 mins. by taxi or 20-min. walk from JR Satsunai Stn.
・Parking available.

Venue Website:



Makubetsu-cho Centennial Hall Tel. 0155-56-8600


Online sales are available in Japanese only. Tickets can be purchased at certain outlets by quoting a specific numeric code. For assistance in English, please contact the Kodo Office.