Kodo One Earth Tour 2021: Tsuzumi
May 21 (Fri), 2021 Funabashi, Chiba

Updated: Mar 9 (Tue), 2021

May 21 (Fri), 2021 Funabashi Shimin Bunka Hall, Funabashi, Chiba

Doors Open:





5,800 yen


TBA. If made available, the price will be the same as advance tickets.

Seating Details:

All seats reserved. Please refrain from bringing preschoolers (ages 5 & under).

Ticket Availability:

Tickets on sale from Mar. 10 (Wed)

Ticket Outlets:

Funabashi Shimin Bunka Hall Tel. 047-434-5555 (9:00–17:00, closed Mondays)
Funabashi Shimin Bunka Sozokan (Kirara Hall) Tel. 047-423-7261 (9:00–17:00, closed last Monday of each month)
Ticket Pia Tel. 0570-02-9999 [P-code: 193-124] http://pia.jp/
Lawson Ticket Tel. 0570-084-003 [L-code: 32105] http://l-tike.com/
Ongaku Kobo Caps Tel. 043-224-1710

Venue COVID-19 Countermeasures:

https://www.city.funabashi.lg.jp/shisetsu/bunka/0001/0002/0001/p081711_d/fil/unyouhenkou0108.pdf (Japanese)

Venue Address:

Honchō 2-2-5, Funabashi-shi, Chiba-ken 273-0005

Venue Access:

7-min. walk from JR Funabashi Stn. & Tobu Funabashi Stn, 5-min. walk from Keisei Funabashi Stn.

Venue Website:



Ongaku Kobo Caps Tel. 043-224-1710
Funabashi Shimin Bunka Hall Tel. 047-434-5555


Online sales are available in Japanese only. Tickets can be purchased at certain outlets by quoting a specific numeric code.

English assistance by telephone is subject to availability. If you require extra help, please contact the Kodo Office by email.